HON VL705 Mesh Back Leather Big and Tall Chair for Office or Computer Desk, Black Review

The sitting posture of an individual who spends the whole day seated at a desk is very vital. Being able to get the right siting posture heavily depends on one being able to get the right chair for the right job. Adopting the right sitting position with the help of the proper chair not only means that you’re able to steer away from a bent back but also you save yourself the pain that comes with back problems and also the costs that come with having to visit a chiropractors office. The HON VL705 Mesh Back Leather Big and Tall Chair for Office or Computer Desk not only offer you an improved chance to getting the right posture at your work post but is also built for comfort and convenience for people that spend most of their day seated at their desk.

Tilt with tension control

To maximize on the comfort ability of the user, the chair has a tilt function that helps to support the users back into place when they lean back. To make sure that the tilt does not go too fast there is a tension control that regulates the pace at which the tilting occurs and to make sure that it does not go too far back there is a tilt lock. This ensures that the distance the tilt goes is comfortable for the user.

Adjustable arms

Having in mind that people have varying heights and needs, the HON VL 705 mesh back leather chair has a feature that allows one to be able to regulate the height and width of the arms. This goes a long way to ensure that you’re able to enjoy comfort within your limits without having to strain. It also makes the chair usable by a wider variety of users of different heights and sizes.

Breathable mesh back

Considering that you will be sitting the whole day, the last thing you want is to stand up at the end of the day with a sweat stain at the back of your shirt. The mesh back ensures that there is sufficient air flow to your body even when you’re leaning on the back of the chair.

Integrated lumbar support

While sitting, the lumbar of you boy is the one that takes most of the pressure. Long sitting hours can cause problems to this bone and as such to make sure that you’re not only comfortable but you’re also able to sit for long hours without causing any potential damage to your body, the HON VL 705 mesh back leather chair has an integrated lumbar support that helps to distribute that pressure.

Pros of HON VL 705 Mesh Back Leather Chair

Aside from the great variety of feature that one has to enjoy, there are also some very impressive benefits that comes with deciding to use this chair. These include;

  • It has a warranty and has been approved for people of up to 450 pounds.
  • Is very easy to assemble once you purchase.
  • Very comfortable and sturdy build.
  • Moves without any complications especially on the swivel making it easier to operate for people that are light and heavy weight alike.
  • Supportive and breathable for long term use without causing discomfort.


As much there are a many benefits that come with buying this chair, there are some areas that could use some polishing and cause some difficulties to the user in one way or another but these do not do enough to dent the credibility of these great product. There is threading on the screws which makes the process of assembly harder. However applying a little pressure should be able to take care of this as the threading helps the screw to stay in place. Aside from that most people have reported their satisfaction with the product.


If you’re looking for a chair that not only offer you comfort but also support for your back and lumbar and ultimately your well-being, then the HON VL705 mesh back leather chair is the ideal purchase and is one that you will not regret about.

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