Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair Review

Today, more and more people are spending most of their time sited in front of a computer. These long hours of sitting require a good quality office chair. If you are looking to shop for a chair that can provide you with comfort and better back support, your chair is Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair. Some of the key features of this executive office chair include:

Lumbar Support and Headrest

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair is a high back chair that is built-in with lumbar support as well as a headrest. The lumbar support ensures that your back rests on a proper zone every time you sit in your office to do your work, rather than stay intense all through the day. The support ensures that your back rests entirely against it, giving it full support and thus easing tension in your nerves. Except for shorter or taller than average people, the lumbar hits your back’s sweet spots to ensure your body is rested and not sited in tension mode. This executive chair can even provide longer sitting hours for people who have had lower back surgery without feeling fatigue or pain.

Boss is LeatherPlus

This Boss executive chair comes with special leather known as LeatherPlus. As the name suggests, LeatherPlus is a fabric that began as leather, however, with the addition of some other materials that make it more durable and stronger, this fabric is outstanding. This fabric is very soft, softer than real leather itself, which feels firm and hard. Despite being buttery soft, LeatherPlus is durable and quite strong. However, this strength does not mean animal nails won’t be a danger! This material can be ripped apart, leave alone being scratched, if your dog or cat jumps on it with their sharp nails/fangs.

The Seat, Padding and Appearance

This chair is very padded and ample in size that is makes it feel like “sitting in a cloud” thanks to its super comfy design. Not too hard, not too soft, the Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair is fairly comfortable with its few inches padding. This chair can really fool people with its appearance thanks to the stylish LeatherPlus fabric. This chair is a leather chair that comes at a non-leather price. At first sight, you might value and rate this chair twice or thrice its real value; however, as you can find out from Amazon, which is quite reasonable considering the increased productivity and comfort that comes with this super comfy chair.

Pros of Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

  • Easy assembly – easy to put together and without need for tools. Simply unfold the pre-attached seat and back support and make sure they properly connect. Firmly insert the gas cylinder into the base of the chair and lock in the wheels to the bottom chair. Lastly, slide the base and gas cylinder into the seat’s bottom and you are done. This should take you less than 6 minutes, which is awesome!
  • Comfort – This chair is fit with ample padding in the back and seat that make it very comfy.
  • This ergonomic chair offers lumbar support and can carry weights of up to 250 pounds with ease.
  • The chair has a pneumatic height adjustment system in addition to tilt controls as well as upright locking that allow the user to adjust into different sitting positions. Also height adjustment allows users to adjust to different heights depending on their needs or height.
  • The chair has a waterfall seat design that is engineered to help in leg fatigue reduction.


Some users complain about troubles with figuring out reclining ability. Honestly, the LeatherPlus office chair has it; it can swivel and tilt about 20-30 degrees to the rear when unlocked. Others complained about the height; those shorter or taller than average couldn’t rest their heads on the headrest. I don’ think Boss is going to change the heights for this chair, sorry guys! Otherwise; this executive chair is an elegant executive chair that will definitely look professional not only in the office but also out of the office.


The style of an office chair defines a company’s wealth. The chair should also provide needed comfort for long hours of writing, typing etc.; it must list you with a host of benefits, showing others who the boss is. With a chair like Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair, no one will doubt you are the boss. It is quality, style and comfort all in one very affordable executive office chair. Buy It Now on

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