Boss B991-CP Heavy Duty Double Plush Caressoftplus Chair, 350-Pound Review

The type of furniture you have within your home, office or any other place really matters. Before you buy a chair or any other piece of furniture, there are things you need to consider very carefully. Some of them are the price and features of the product. You may have wanted to shop for a good chair for your office or home but you unable to decide on the best model. One of the most sold, durable, easy to clean and comfortable seat you can look at next is the Boss B991-CP Heavy Duty Double Plush Caressoftplus Chair, 350-Pound.

The products features

The specification of any products is one of the things you have to put in mind before you look at the price. To begin with, the chair features double cushions that enhance its comfort. In addition, It has 350 lbs in terms of the rating hence, you should never worry about its ability to support your weight. The spring tilt type of mechanism makes the chairs one of the top office furniture in the market. Moving the seats from one point to another is very simple because of the casters. The diameter of the device is 20-inch chrome foot. The contemporary design of the chair makes it compatibility with other pieces of furniture. The arms of the chair have been upholstered in leather in order to increase on the comfort that result from using them. Moreover, they come with 3-inch heavy-duty wheel casters, which are two in number. The pneumatic gas seat allows for adjustments of the height. They also have adjustable tilt making them very easy to use. Dimensionally, the overall measure of the chair is 33.5 inches W x
31 inches D x 43-45.5 inches H. On the hand the seat size is 22.5W x 18.5 inches D , height 20.5inches -23 inches H, arm height is 26.5 inches 30 inches . The black color of the seat makes them fit in any office.

Pros of the product

  • Heavy-duty steel base of the chair makes them to be very durable as compared to any other chair you may purchase.
  • Cleaning of the chair will not take you hours, thanks to the upholstered caresoft vinyl.
  • Both the back and seat have a cushion to enhance on the comfort of using them.
  • The arms fixed with the help of padded caps makes the chairs one of the most comfortable types you can think of buying for your office
  • The BOSS (B991) has a heavy-duty type of spring tilt mechanism that helps in reclining, height adjustments, locking of the tilt as well as tilt tension adjustments.
  • For long lasting support, the chair comes with double plus cushions at its back.
  • The built lumbar at the back also helps in the enhancement of support for the device.

Cons of the product

Assembling of the seat at times can be a bit tricky if you do not take time to look at the guidelines that come with them. Although they may seem to be costly, but according to my view, the advantages that accompany them give one a reason as to why they should not complain about the cost.


In summary, the Boss B991-CP heavy-duty double plush caressoftplus chair, 350 pound is simply the best piece of furniture you can add to your home or office. They feature lumbar back and five star steel bases that makes them durable, the leather materials used gives ultimate comfort and the upholstered caresoft vinyl material allows for easy cleaning to maintain the beauty over time. In the event that you want to move them from one room to another, the casters featured enhances mobility.

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