Most Comfortable Office Chair – Reviews & Comprehensive Buying Guides

Are you looking for the Most Comfortable Office Chairs ? Well, your search ends right here because you found it. If most of your time is spent seated in front of a computer in an office chair like us, then you are aware of the significance of having a best office chair.

If you really want to significantly limit that fatigue, back pain, neck pain, headaches and eye strain that come after long usage of computers, it is very essential that you be able to sit in the comfortable office chair and at an appropriate height that will ensure your shoulders are relaxed when typing.

We have had experience using different types of office chairs in our long career as a full time blogger.

Most comfortable office chairs

Most comfortable office chairs

Many of these office chairs that we regarded high end turned up to disappoint us, others were more than horrible while a few of them have been very impressive with most comfortable. In this post, we are going to help you discover the best office chairs to choose in order to achieve maximum satisfaction.

Going for the office chair in the current market that is flooded with numerous chairs from different manufacturers can be a very difficult task. You can easily buy the cheapest in the market, only to later find out that your back is not thankful for that present; or still you can easily spend thousands of dollars on a chair with features that are in excess of what you actually need. You can go for an ergonomic best or go for one that offers the best bang for your money.

Great Office Chair Selection Sitemap

Before you go and buy a chair for your office, it is essential that you have a list of factors that you consider as the appropriate indicators of the office chair. This is precisely a list of what to look for in a quality office chair. You can read our ultimate buying guides here.

Besides listing the criteria you need to consider when purchasing a comfortable office chair, We also have choices and make a detailed comparison table for each office chair which is very popular on the market so that you can choose for yourself the most appropriate chair to your needs and desires. I divided into 2 sections: Leather office chairs comparison table and Mesh office chairs comparison table.

Our choice of best picks is another source you could use, especially if you’re looking for a comfortable office chair with a specific task or for a specific criteria. Just jump to our top choice or click on one of the links below to be taken to the review.

Our Best Picks and Highly Recommended you

  • Most comfortable office chair - Our Top Choice

  • AmazonBasics High-Back

    AmazonBasics High-Back

    After deep research and reference a lot reviews of customers had bought office chair, we have chosen the most comfortable office chair for you is AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Office Chair.

    AmazonBasics GF-80293H High-Back Executive Office Chair is very comfortable and high quality executive office chair with a padded back and seat for your comfort when you’re sitting on it all day in your office or home office.

    Not to forget the smooth dual-wheel casters guaranteeing free mobility of the chair from one part of the office to the other. Read more reviews ...

  • Best Ergonomic Affordable Office Chair

  • AmazonBasics Mid-Back

    AmazonBasics Mid-Back

    AmazonBasics Mid-Back office chair is the best affordable ergonomic model that comes in all black PU leather. The padded seat, back and arm rests are all made such that they scream total comfort. Once a person is seated, this ergonomic make has smooth contours surrounding the entire body and ensuring total relaxation.

    The pneumatic controls are made that they help raise or lower the seat or simply remain firm and straight. This adjustable office chair supports convenient tilting, as the control handle and the tilt-tension knob under the chair prevents it from falling or causing problems for users. Read more reviews ...

  • Best Leather Office Chair

    Serta 43506

    Serta 43506

    Serta 43506 Bonded Leather Big & Tall Executive Chair is a good choice for the ones that want nothing but the best for the time they spend in their office or their home office. It’s made of high quality bonded leather and comes with an ergonomic design.

    Like most other office chair it has an adjustable height and comes with caster wheels. The ergonomic tilt system and the locking system provide more stability and comfort while the seat  and back come with a thick padding. Read more reviews ...

  • Best Mesh Office Chair

    SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid

    SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid

    The winner in this category is SPACE Seating Professional Air Grid chair. Among the numerous mesh chairs available at present, this one having an eco leather padded seat allows comfortable seating. The makers of this wonderful office chair has added the ‘pneumatic seat height adjustment’ quality so that a person opting for a low back can have it his or her way, opposed to someone seeking for high back. The 2-to-1 synchro tilt control, which can be adjusted, is truly a special feature. Read more reviews ...

  • Best Executive Office Chair

    Boss Black LeatherPlus

    Boss Black LeatherPlus

    The Boss Black Executive Leather Chair is now easily one of the best executive office chair. It scores highly on ergonomics, comfort and strength. Alongside pneumatic adjustment and bespoke lumbar support, standard black upholstery has widely been employed throughout the body of the chair. Equipped with the latest waterfall design in office seats, the chair prevents leg fatigue as easily. Read more reviews ...

  • Best Desk Office Chair

    Alera Elusion Series

    Alera Elusion Series

    Sometimes everybody want from their chair is a basic shape with a few key adjustable features and a high comfort level, which is precisely what the Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel Chair aims to provide.

    The ergonomics of this swivel/tilt chair are said to be ideally adjustable for anyone, which means it should be perfect for office desks with more than one user. Read more reviews ...

  • Best Office Chair for Big and Tall People

    Boss B991-CP Heavy Duty

    Boss B991-CP Heavy Duty

    Boss Office Products are well known for being both affordable and well built. Their Boss B991-CP Heavy Duty Double Plush Caressoftplus Chair, 350-Pound is a great pick for the ones that need something a bit taller. It has a soft padded back covered in black leather and a comfortable seat. The arm rests also come with foam padding and black leather. Read more reviews ...

Your Ultimate Buying Guide

  • 1. Height Adjustability

A chair that has functionality for height adjustment can easily fit the use of any user as well as provide an appropriate leg elevation. For those who work long hour sited in one position this is a chair that will be comfortable for them. Appropriate elevation means that your legs can comfortably rest on the floor as well as move freely to allow maximum circulation that in turn helps maintain that ideal posture required for working long hours. Chairs with flexibility with respect to height ensure that anyone irrespective of their height can use the chair.

Height Adjustability.
  • 2. Chairs with Backrests and Headrests

An ideal office chair should have a comfortable backrest and headrest. This feature ensures that your back and head rest comfortably in order to eliminate the stress felt on the spine and neck. When buying a chair, choose a chair with comfortable back support and can be adjusted backward or forward without necessarily having to leave the chair. Furthermore, ensure that the backrest is tall enough to support the back and shoulders fully.

Chairs with Backrests and Headrests.

  • 3. Armrests

You may feel you don’t need armrests; however, be informed that armrests provide an additional value with respect to comfort of the arms as they help eliminate the discomfort/uneasiness in your arms.

For those who work on computers for long periods of time, the armrest will help reduce the strain exerted on your elbows and shoulders as you work. Prolonged strain is the main cause of aches and pains in the shoulders.

Usually, different chairs come with different styles of armrests that are made from different materials as well. There are armrests made from vinyl, are very durable and are adjustable with ability to flip up and down while others are designed with padded or cushioned armrests that have been covered in thick fabric or faux leather to reduce straining of your arms during the long office hours.

Ensure that your choice is dependent on your needs; working or playing needs.

  • 4. Convenience

When comfortably seated, it means that you are experiencing the highest level of relaxation. This will help boost your performance especially in an office setting where you need good comfort while working at a desk.

In addition, it also means that you are at ease even after long hours of seating in that chair. The most comfortable office chair are designed in an ergonomic fashion in order to accommodate the body with ease and without subjecting the body to any discomfort. Ideally, the chair’s depth should conform to the body and let the back of your body rest comfortably while at the same time not causing discomfort to your thighs.


  • 5. Mobility

An office chair with the ability to swivel and is installed with casters (wheels) allows you to easily move around. Furthermore, this chair enables you to move backward, sideways and forward without scrapping your floors and or carpets. A good sturdy chair will not topple over as you move from one point to another.


  • 6. Material Used and Style

Crafting of office chairs is done from different materials and in various different styles as well as shapes to cater for the different tastes and needs of the versatile market. They can easily fit into any room without coming into contrast with the existing design. Some office chairs that can as well be used as computer gaming chairs are designed with padding of the highest quality foam and are covered in leather upholstery that features vinyl or padded armrests.

Another style used in making these executive office chairs includes covering them in mesh that makes them more breathable than the previous model. Furthermore, ensure that you buy a chair that features sturdily built legs (usually five) to increase the chair’s stability during movement in the room.

Be careful when choosing your office chair as there are other manufacturers of office chairs that design chairs that are big and very bulky. These chairs are further cushioned with ultra foam padding that are either upholstered or covered with a heavy fabric or leather.

Material Used and Style.

  • 7. Storage and Portability

Unless you have a large room that you want to help fill with a large office chair, I recommend that you choose a chair that minimizes the space used in the office as well as that used during storage when not in use. A suitable office chair should be lightweight and can easily be folded to allow easy movement around the room. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of bulkier looking chairs. They can look very heavy but in real sense are actually lightweight, easy to move as well as store in order to eliminate cluttering in the room.

Storage and Portability.

  • 8. Budget

As expected, most comfortable office chair will not come on the cheap. However, these chairs are competitively priced and you can choose a model that suits your specific needs as well as budget. Don’t go for something that is well over priced, do your research and find something that is worth the money.

Types of office chairs

  • Task Office Chairs

By far the most commonly used chair in offices; the basic design is what makes it ideal for use. There are wheels or casters attached at the base to facilitate easy movement. Besides, the swivel helps it rotate in all directions. Usually made of metal and well-padded seats, the chairs scream comfort! What makes it more appealing is that laymen can adjust the height according to their needs. While someone may prefer to have a low back, there can be others doing fine with a high back. Also, the availability in varied colors and cost-effectiveness adds to the popularity of them in office environments.

  • Stacking Office Chairs

Not that these are restricted to offices, but many places store them just because they fit within a relatively smaller space. The fact that they can be stacked one on top of the other makes them a hit among many. Made of hard plastic or mixed wood and mounted on steel frames, these chairs can also be found in different colors. More than workers using them at their work spaces, cafeterias and canteens are popular zones to find these light weight chairs. Despite lacking wheels or casters, the hairs are fairly sturdy.

  • Mesh Office Chairs

As the name implies, mesh chairs are perfect options for workers battling with oppressive heat and prolonged work hours. With the seat and the backrest made of pure mesh fabric, the sweaty feel disappears in no time. A tad expensive compared to others, mesh contain perforations that makes it akin to net. As a result, air circulation is supreme. Besides, the cushioned seats offer the necessary dose of relaxation. Unlike the same office chairs having thicker fabrics, this one is a sharp deviation best used before desktops. Staying cool and comfortable through the day makes a positive impact on the workflow as well!

  • Executive Office Chairs

Best identified as those meant for the ‘bosses’, these spell royalty. The similarity that executive chairs have with their task counterparts is the swivel, wheels or casters and the armrests. The latter with extra padding provides a better way of resting one’s tired arms. Also, the backrest is higher to the others, but thankfully can be adjusted as per one’s comfort level.

Sitting on these chairs is pure delight, especially the extra padding that’s attached to the seat as much as the armrests. Top executives are fond of these leathered chairs, largely because of such add-ons! Now it makes sense why they are more lavish than the others.

Most people doing desk jobs report severe pain at their back, shoulders and other joints. Keeping the importance of maintaining the correct posture in mind, ergonomic chairs are so designed that maximum support at the back can be had.

Even doctors recommend using such chairs for patients of back pain or diagnosed with spine issues. Few of these leather cushioned chairs come with a ‘built-in lumbar adjustment’ and a knob at the side that can be turned as per one’s wish. With adjustable settings meant to secure ideal height of the armrests, headrest and backrest, maintaining the right posture while working is now possible.

  • Conference Office Chairs

Favorites at boardroom meetings, conference chairs actually pep up the overall look of these rooms. Though they cannot be sat on for prolonged duration, yet the sleek look is a draw factor. Despite having a design that offers complete comfort, the lack of adjustment and mobility reduces its appeal when used in workstations.

Meetings are shorter than regular work, so they fit the bill. These elegant looking chairs can be availed in a plethora of shades, which makes choosing the most befitting one a not so difficult job. Usually they are made of leather and mounted on steel legs.

The right chair brings positive vibes to working. A little research, creative planning and concern for workers are factors to assess before laying your hands on the best office chair and thereby enhance work efficiency.

Tips to avoid pain when sitting on an office chair

Tips to avoid pain when sitting on an Office Chair

  • Ensure you have the proper posture

If you sit in the correct position at your office chair, you will have a comfortable experience. Ensure that you sit very close to your working desk. In addition to this, your upper arms and your spine must be parallel to each other. Your hands should also rest comfortably upon your work space.

If you are tall and they cannot do this, raise your work space. The elbows should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees to your upper arms. You can move your seat up or down to ensure that your arms are at this right angle. Not only should your arms be at 90 degrees but your knees should be too. They should be at a right angle to the floor and your feet should comfortably lie flat upon the floor. If you fulfil these conditions, you will not have any pain as you sit at your office chair.

  • Ensure that your chair is at the right height

There are a number of risks of sitting in an office chair that is at an incorrect height. It should not be too high. This can cause your ankles to swell. This is both unsightly and uncomfortable. The right height for your chair should be between 16 and 21 inches. When it is at just the right height, you should be able to fit your finger under the back of your thigh comfortably. If you are not able to do this, then the chair is too high. Adjust it to the right height so as not to experience pain as you sit in it.

  • Don’t let your feet dangle

If you are sitting in a chair that is too high and you cannot adjust it, get a footstool for your feet. They should not dangle all day. This is because if you let them, pressure will accumulate in them. This will make it very hard for you to walk after you get off the chair.

  • Check your Eye level

When you are sitting at your workplace, the middle of your computer screen should be exactly at your eye level. This is the right level so that it does not cause strain upon your upper spine and neck. Moreover, if your office chair has a head rest, adjust it so that your eyes are still level with the middle of your computer screen when you rest your head upon it.

  • Adjust your armrests

The armrests are designed so as to rest your arms and shoulders. These should be at a level that allows you to rest your arms on them while your shoulders are relaxed and squared. Moreover, you should be able to rest your hands upon your work area comfortably with your arms resting on the armrests. If they are too high or too low, adjust them until they are at a comfortable level.

  • Maintain activity

Pain in the back from sitting on the office chair for too long can be caused by staying in a static position for too long. The muscles get fatigued and strained when you do this. When you are sitting and working in your office chair, ensure that you take time to rest and take a walk every half hour. This will help to maintain the circulation of your body and ensure that your energy levels are not depleted. If you can, take a 20 minute walk. This will refresh the spine and provide it with a burst of much needed blood flow.

If you follow these tips, you will avoid pain when sitting in the office chair.

Steps to Assembling an Office Chair

Many people find it awfully hard to assemble office chairs. This is probably because the manuals in most cases are not easy to understand and they do not give step by step instructions. This can be very frustrating especially when you are excited to have your new office chair spinning around.

This scenario has been common for people who have purchased the office chair. This chair is easy to fix. However, it is possible to get the instructions mixed up. This may make it impossible to assemble the chair.

There are some steps you need to follow when trying to assemble a office chair. However, before you assemble an office chair, it is important to ensure that every part you need is available. One thing you can do to ensure this is counter check all the arts in the kit using the manual. Now, i’ll guide Steps to Assembling an Office Chair.

  • Step1: Get everything from the box


It is important to get every part of the chair outside the box in order for you to access them easily. This will make the process faster since you will not have to keep looking for stuff after each step. Another benefit of this is that it prevents you from being frustrated when you cannot find the parts in the box. It is important to also ensure that you have all the tools you will need to assemble the chair. An example is a plier.

  • Step 2: Connect the aluminum rod like piece to the bottom of your seat


To do this, you need to use the screws provided. There are four screws which you need to screw this very tight in order to ensure that the aluminum piece does not separate from the bottom of the seat when you sit down. To do this, you need to use pliers that are easy to grip with one hand and can hold the bolt completely. This will ease the process and make it more efficient.

  • Step 3: Fix the elbow tongues


The elbow tongue has two parts that need to be connected to the parts of the seat to secure them tightly. The bottom part needs to be slid below the bottom of the seat. There is space for this known as the receiver. To locate the receiver, look at the images on the manual. The upper part on the other hand needs to be screwed to the back of the seat using bolts and pliers. You should do the same for the other side of the chair. Ensure that both sides are leveled and secure.

  • Step 4: Clip the wheels to the chair


Fixing the wheels is one of the most difficult steps when assembling a office chair. This is because the wheels require one to apply a lot of pressure in order to get them in place. Therefore, you should ensure that you apply pressure onto the wheels until you hear a click sound. This means that they are secure enough not to slip out. When fixing the wheels, one thing you need to ensure is that the wheels are all facing the same side. This is important in giving the chair easy motion.

  • Step 5: Slide the spindle on the neck of the chair

step 5

This is probably the easiest step in assembling a office chair. This is because the spindle is meant to slide easily onto the neck of the chair. After this is done, you need to slide the neck until it reaches the base of the chair. This is hard to do and therefore requires a lot of energy in order to ensure it is secured.

  • Step 6: Twist the top part


The final step is to twist the upper part of the chair to ensure it’s secure on the neck piece. This step should be done carefully. This is because twisting too much may break some delicate parts on the seat. It is therefore important to ensure you twist to the desired point that you feel the seat is most secure.

Once this is done, you can try sitting on your chair to see whether or not it is secure enough for you to sit on it.

Tips for Synchronizing Your Work Station and Office Chair

It is not always easy to merge comfort and work together. In most cases, one has to do the inevitable and pick what really matters given the situation. However, this does not mean that you can’t be able to think outside the box and attain both comfort and functionality in your work station given a few tips of how to do this using the chair that you opt for. It may sound quite insane and impossible, but by getting the appropriate chair, you can be able to synchronize you work station and comfortable office chair and consequently comfort and functionality.

Tips1. Go for a design that suits your work station.

One of the things that come as very primary in this is the design of the chair. It has to be able to fit with the rest of the workstation. It is vital to ensure that you have a comfortable chair that is able to fit with the rest of the work station and the office chair is an ideal option because it offers a blend of executiveness and elegance.

2. Comfort is paramount.

There is nothing that spells comfort better than an actually comfortable chair. To live up to this expectation, the office chair has a triple padded material that is comfortable for the back side and also ensures that you’re able to sit for longer periods without the worry of feeling tired.

3. Don’t compromise on the ergonomics.

There are a variety of reasons as to why considering a chair that has a variety of ergonomics is ideal for your work station. Not only are these able to ensure that you’re comfortable but they also enhance your experience through a variety of features that act in favor in certain parts of the body that usually experience a lot of stress when you sit. Some of the features that are part and parcel of the office chair include the back adjustment that allows your back to settle easy and not cave in to the pressure of sitting hence keeping you from feeling fatigued. The other ergonomic feature is the high back swivel.

4. Consider breath-ability.

Considering the length of time that you will be sitting, one of the things that can cause you a lot of discomfort even on a comfortable chair is sweating. This gets worse when you’re a lover of leaning back. With a mesh back, the office chair is able to offer better circulation of blood and also offers air circulation to ensure that you don’t get to go back home with sweat stains on your back.

5. Simplicity.

The last thing that you want once you have gotten your chair is not be able to use it because it is complex to put together. Having a chair that is comfortable and easy to put together ensures that you’re able to get the possible experience not to mention the fact that you have less strain. Simplicity is a comfort that not many of the other chairs can afford but is very evident on the office chair.

6. Remember your arms.

If your arms are hanging all the time, then the chair you’re using ceases to be comfortable. This is in most cases characterized by the fact that your shoulder muscles and neck muscles get fatigued very fast which in turns makes your sitting experience a torment especially when you have to do the same thing for many hours. Make sure that you buy a chair that has adjustable arm rests. This not only provides comfort for you but also ensures that the chair can be used by people of varying heights and sizes.

7. Check for stability.

Sitting in a chair that does not have a stable base can be quite tiring since you will be forced to use most of the body’s muscles to attain balance. That is why for a chair to be comfortable, it have to be very stable and exude confidence in those that use it. Furthermore, you will have lower chances of falling over due to the instability.

Now that you know what you should be looking for when trying to synchronize comfort in your work space, you should also know that the office chair fits the bill in each and every way.

Where to Buy Comfortable Office Chairs?

These comfortable office chairs can be found in a host of furniture and office supply shops. However, today’s technology gives it a different dimension where you can find these items on different online stores like Amazon. Here, you can compare different brands, prices and styles of office chairs as well as look at detailed technical descriptions of the products.


There are not many pieces of furniture out there that will carry specific impacts to your performance at work like comfortable office chairs will. These chairs are an essential component of the whole working environment and they directly affect the ways in which our work is carried out.

Furthermore, a comfortable office chair with a sophisticated style can mean a lot with respect to interactions with your immediate environment or surroundings. We represents a list of the top comfortable office chairs that any person spending long hours on a computer should think of when shopping for an office chair. They are executively styled to perfectly fit the office environment.

Owning one of these comfortable chairs is not a luxury, it is actually a necessity. If you need more productive office hours that are less straining, these office chairs are the most comfortable office chairs in the market that you can buy today. If you need to utilize your office time maximally while at the same time keeping your body healthy, you need a chair that improves your posture, promotes even circulation as well as provides you with a greater sense of stability. You need the office chair that will keep you going comfortably for these long working hours.


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